• Healthcare for Pet

    Products using Herbmedotcin technology have been proved to be useful to deal with bacterial and fungi problem without toxicity and irritation. It is suitable for our be loved pets. Compared with antibiotics, our tests indicated that Herbmedotcin did not increase the burden of kidney, especially aged animals. 

  • Case study

    Species: Cat, Breed: Mix s, 13 years old


    The cat, Didi, got sick for a while and the veterinarian diagnosis that was a fungal infection in December 2019. The symptoms ameliorated after 2 weeks of oral medicine treatment, but it will have serious scratch whenever stop taking medicine.

    The second treatment was started by early February 2020.


    This oral medicine treatment continues for approximately one month. During the treatment period, the cat lives in isolation with all-day dehumidification and keeping the humidity of 50%. After 10 days of medical treatment, the host tries to spray Molherb antibacterial solution to the wound of the cat, Didi, twice a day (morning and evening).



    They found that Molherb antibacterial solution can help to heal the wound and reduce the itching symptoms. At the end of February, the host considers that drug would cause too much damage for the liver and kidney of the cat. The disease takes a long time to recover because of its wound is very serious and the skin of the dermis layer is injured. Besides, the cat is older. They stop taking medicine but keeping spray Molherb antibacterial solution. The experiment shows that the Molherb antibacterial solution helps skin recovery and grow new hair.

    Pictures when fungal infection in the Year 2020:

    Upper: Wounds in head;Lower: Wounds in the back neck

    Wounds→Granulate→Grow new hair