B (balance) formula enhances nutrient and immunity

    G (guard) formula inhibits bacteria and enhances protection actively

    Safe: The patented processing of natural raw materials, without antibiotics and other medicinal ingredients, passed the safety test of SGS and other institutions, and is ecologically friendly and safe.

    ● Stable: The product is heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and its composition is stable and compatible with any feed process and additives.

    ● Reliable: It can replace (reduce) the use of antibiotics, improve the gastrointestinal health of fish and shrimp, increase individual growth rate, overall survival rate, and reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.



  • Prawn Balance®/ Prawn Guard®

    Feed additive series

    Fish Balance®/ Fish Guard®

    Feed additive series

  • Prawn Balance®/ Prawn Guard®

    Best choice for antibiotic-free aquacultures
    Compossible with various feed for shrimp
    Compatible with the production process of shrimp feed

    Prawn Balance®/ Prawn Guard®

    Case Study

    • Species: Whiteleg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei 
    • Location: Taiwan, Tainan Qigu, Ms Huang
    • Whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) is a large-scale cultured species in Taiwan since 1998. With the improvement of Taiwan’s aquaculture technology, the growth of whiteleg shrimp has become faster and has high economic benefits.
      It can well adapt to different areas with diverse conditions.
      However, the production of cultured whiteleg shrimp has deteriorated in recent years due to infectious diseases and climate change.
      Most of the problems are caused by the diseases come from bacteria or virus, and the intestinal tract of shrimp is not perfect. Therefore, how to reduce the infection of intestinal pathogens and promote the health of intestinal are important issues.
    • Period: Since April 24th 2019 ~
    • Trial conditions:
      -    Outdoor fields, about 6 points, 
      -    Seawater, salinity: 3.8% 
      -    Density: low-density (30 shrimps/ton of water)
    • Result:

      The addition of Prawn Balance to daily feed can increase the survival rate and production of shrimp with good management and condition of culture.

    The FCR and Survival rates of Prawn Balance field trial.

  • Fish Balance®/ Fish Guard®

    Best choice for antibiotic-free aquacultures
    Compossible with various feed for fish
    Compatible with the production process of fish feed

    Fish Balance®/ Fish Guard®

    Case Study

    • Species: Fourfinger threadfin (Eleutheronema rhadinum
    • Location: Jiadong, Pingtung, Taiwan, Mr. Chen
    • Fourfinger threadfin (Eleutheronema rhadinum) has high economic value but not easy to culture because of its timid and fragile by nature. Besides, they are very weak and easy infected by marine streptococcus and vibrio. In this case, the farmers will apply antibiotics to reduce infection and death. Some farmers even use antibiotics for health care every day to avoid economic losses. That cause the drug-resistant bacteria in fourfinger threadfins
      Most of the problems are caused by the diseases come from bacteria. Therefore, how to reduce the infection and promote the health are important issues.


    Since Mar 24th. 2019 ~July 22nd. 2019


    Trial conditions:

    • Outdoor fields, 3,000 square meter aquarium with soil bottom and cement border.
    • brackish water (salinity 15±3 per thousand)  
    • Density: medium-density (16,000 fish / square meter) (general density is 10,000-20,000 fish per square meter)



    Adding Fish Balance to fish feed in aquaculture field improved the survival rate and production of Fourfinger threadfin effectively. The trial is based on the same size pond and put in the same number of fishes. The final experimental group increased the production yield by 1.87 times compared with the control group. And the experimental group harvest more 3982 kg than the control group (Table 3).

    Fish Balance is base on Herbmedotcin and adds promotes gastrointestinal health and probiotic growth adhesion factors that can mildly sterilize and maintain intestinal health. In contrast to antibiotics, Fish Balance didn’t cause drug-resistant when daily apply. Therefore, we strongly believe that Fish Balance is the best product to increase aquaculture profit.